Planning a Romantic Getaway

So you met an awesome guy, you’ve been out on a few dates together, and you’re planning on keeping him around for as long as he’s willing to hang. Might I make a suggestion? The Romantic (But Not Too Getaway) Getaway Event.

First, here’s what you might want to avoid:

We can easily find ourselves thinking about a week on a beach with Mr. New Guy. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Not if you’re still in the initial throes of passion, it wouldn’t. A week-long beach holiday – or week-long anywhere holiday, for that matter – can stress a new relationship. Different people can have very unique quirks about long-distance travelling, and our worst qualities can bubble to the surface. Save it until you’ve reached something more committed. The beach isn’t going anywhere.

Packing an overnight bag and staying in a local hotel is a nice thing to do; but chances are you’ve done it already. (If you haven’t, you should. It can be fun to sleep in the fancy hotel you pass on your city street every day; bit of room service, king-size bed, pool.) The in-town hotel-stay only works once (with the same guy, that is) as a romantic night out. Otherwise, really, isn’t it easier, more comfortable, and cheaper to do-the-nasty at home?

So you need to find an in-between – something that has the energy of a “week-long” but the reasonability of an “overnight”. Here’s what I’ve done in the past, and it’s been a huge success:

1. Choose an awesome city/town/location that is less than an hour’s flight away (keep the flight domestic so passports aren’t required).

2. Tell Mr. New Guy to pack an overnight bag, but don’t tell him where you’re going. (You’ll need to have him pack an outfit for dinner, a swimsuit, and something casual for the travel. You don’t need to tell him why.)

3. Milk the suspense all the way to the airport. He’ll eventually know the destination upon check-in, but nothing beyond that.

4. Upon arrival, wow him with the full-facility hotel – and suite – you’ve chosen.

5. All dressed-up, escort him to that five-star restaurant you’d both only heard about in magazines.

6. A post-dinner walkabout is optional. Chances are you’ll wanna get right to making the most of that fancy hotel. You can always check-out the city’s skyline-at-night from the luxury view of your suite…after all the sex has been had.

It’s cheaper than a beach holiday, but still has a going-away-on-a-trip feel. It has the luxury of an overnight hotel stay. You’ll be seeing/doing/tasting new experiences. And best of all, you can keep each stage of the trip a surprise. All very romantic.

And if the trip isn’t going well, you’re less than an hour’s-flight from home.

Be safe!

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