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Is Vacation Sex a Good Idea?

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Vacation Hookups: No Way, Jose!

I’ve had way too much great sex in my life to feel any need to hookup with some bronzy stud-muffin while I’m on holiday. Fuggedaboutit. That kind of business I happily leave to the spring break yahoos. What’s the big deal, you ask? My peace of mind, that’s what.

Yes, I’m well aware of how many guys go on vay-cay and stir up a tsunami of a sex-storm. I see the pics all over social media because all my friends do it. And all my friends insist their vay-cay-sex is awesome (“…because it’s vay-cay-sex!”, they remind me). I don’t care. And I certainly don’t care that all my friends — and likely most guys reading this post — call me a fuddy-duddy for my uptight policy. (If you’ve followed my posts at all you’d know I’m anything but a fuddy-duddy sex-wise, but like, whatevs.)

Here’s the thing: is sex why I really go on holiday? No. Never. (If that’s why you, dear reader, go on holiday, I can only wonder: wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to stay in town for the two-or-however-many weeks you get off work? Again, that’s your business.)

Anyway, back to me. Here’s a list of worries that keeps my willy in my pants while away:

  • Is he grifting me?
  • Is this guy bipolar, and only one bad day from dropping to a low? Will he expect me to bear his tears after I cum all over his backside? Argh.
  • Is he a fuckin’ nutcase? Unstable? Dangerous?
  • Is he a murderer?! It happens, it happens!

I don’t need that kind of worry just to get off.

And let’s say I do hook up, and let’s say there is what seems like a safe and healthy connection. What happens when, after a month or months or a year after coming home, dude shows up on my doorstep, “in trouble”, needing help, for whatever reason? Can you imagine?! I can. And I’d prefer not to.

For me, vay-cay means getaway, leave my everyday behind. Cock will be waiting for me when I get back. It always is.

And no cock has EVER said to me, Jeez, I’d love to play around, but, there’s… I dunno… something about you that suggests you didn’t get sexy while you were in Aruba last March…

Be safe!

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