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How to Play Hard to Get with Other Gay Men

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Those who play hard to get fall into two categories:

  1. Those who do it cuz they’re full of themselves
  2. Those who do it for funzies

The first group you can smell a mile away. They radiate self-worth, tip their noses in the air, and will only acknowledge those they deem worthy of their high-and-mightiness. I don’t waste a second on those guys—I don’t care how big their cocks look through tight jeans.

The second group is far more interesting, and certainly worth a bit of effort. Playing hard to get can be a fun way to flirt, and as long as you don’t carry on with it for too long, the results can be awesome.

Try these:

– Someone online hits you up with a DM, he sounds really interested, and YOU think HE sounds perfect! Don’t answer for a day, maybe two. By the time you reply, you can bet your ass he’s been waiting by his computer, panting. If not, maybe he wasn’t worth it afterall.

– You meet a guy at a bar. Looks awesome, sounds awesome. But is he really as interested as you are, or is he one tequila-shot away from wasted? Exchange contact info. If he begs/insists that it would be ridiculous not to hookup that night, be cautious. If he begs/insists that it would be ridiculous not to hookup that night but still wants your contact info, then let the games begin!

– You meet a guy in a non-hookup scenario (work, friends, whatever) and there’s a connection. Start a Subtle Flirt. Commit to nothing. But keep the possibilities open via mutual friends, as a tease. Word will get out. Anticipation will build. You’ll find out soon enough if he’s really interested enough to wait it out.

How long you decide to hold-out with this little flirting game is up to you. If you’re really interested, I wouldn’t go more than a week (you’d hate to lose your spot!)

But if you can pull it off, the moment you finally DO connect will make the wait worthwhile, and hotstuff will ensue!

I better make a short disclaimer, though, just so it’s clear I’m not a complete hypocrite-flirt: *Disregard this post if all you need is a quick-fix hookup. Then all bets are off. Grab hold of a sexy thing while it’s on a silver platter!

Be safe!

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