Gay Cum Fetish

Do-It-Yourself Cumbucket

Here’s another option you might wanna consider before getting yourself good’n’dead:

Most guys love (or fantasize about) gangbangs, and much of the gangbang fantasy (for bottoms, at least) includes being a total cumslut. Those who make a habit of gangbanging have two basic options—burn through family-sized boxes of condoms or have unsafe sex. The former rules out all chances of being a cumslut, the latter (unless practiced by guys who are already POZ) will likely send you home with a disease. What’s a dirty-minded cumbucket-wannabe to do?!

Well, for starters, keep reminding yourself that no matter how much you wish it were otherwise, bad seed kills. If 100% safe gangbanging does nothing for you because the condoms spoil your sloppy fantasies, maybe it’s best to create your own Fantasy-Cum-True in the comfort of your own home—in a way that’s still messy, but completely safe.

Are you aware there are ejaculating dildos on the market?! It’s true, it’s true! They’re out there, and come in all shapes and sizes and colors—and if you’re serious about your cumdump fantasies, splurge and buy as many as there are cocks in your imagination. Gangbang-it-up by suctioning those puppies to your fave playspot and pretending you’re surrounded by real cocks.

The reservoir is either held in the balls, or in a squeeze-pump that feeds a thin hose running through the length of the dildo. Fill’em up and let’em blow whenever you’re good and ready!

But what do they ejaculate, you ask? Whatever the fuck you wanna fill’em up with, that’s what! Common “cum recipes” (there are plenty online) include diluted yoghurt, cornstarch, and whatever else you can find on Google. One particularly realistic-looking recipe is to melt a bar of plain white soap in a small amount of hot water until it gets really cloudy—and the less water you use, the more white chunks you’ll get. Just don’t use anything so thick it clogs the plumbing.

By keeping the lights dim, not only will all those cocks look anonymously real, but the added use of mirrors will blow your mind when you see yourself getting plastered in “cum”.

It looks amazing, like you’re in your very own porn, only with everything going exactly the way you want it to go, for as long as you can take it.

And if you still insist, “…b-b-but it’s not the real thing…”, mark my words: you’ll get over that quickly once you not only see it in action, but are soon good and spent.

Be safe!

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