First Message Tips for Gay Online Dating

No question, I’ve said it before: it’s always best when guys are up front with what they want. Although I do appreciate a bit of teasing, a bit of mystery to be solved.

Check out a for-realz message I got in my box from a complete stranger. I’ve cut and pasted in order to present it in all its formatted and wordy and misspelled glory:

hey you party? Raw masc pervy fuck pig for anything goes mild to wild pig. play suck fuck cum dumping action Up For Like Minded Raw Open Minded FuckHost here – easy to get to – on subway line –  Where are you in the city? You travel? Into? up for? Unlock your pics?

Suckin lickin tonguin rimmin, love suckin tastin hot cock, sweaty balls, precum, hot cum loads, gettin sucked, face fucking, fuckin deep throat, nip play, love hole, tasting hot hole, working opening up stretching playing with hot hole, eating out hole, fucking filling dumping loading up hole… nice wet juicy hole, hot cum loads, spit, fip fucking, swapping loads

He signed off with his phone number.

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Here’s what comes to mind when I read something like that.

1. This is not a “form” email he sends out to all his prospective buddies — I know because the same guy sends me variations of the above every week or so. He is persistent, I’ll give him that.

2. Although, as I said, I’m all about being up front regarding your wants/needs, this communiqué is more appropriate for a bareback site. To advertise as such on a non-bareback site is fine, too, but… without knowing who’s on the other end? Seriously?

3. Does dude have much luck with these kinds of shout-outs? He must: the tone certainly sounds like he’s having the time of his life. And his profile lists about a gajillion more buddies than I have.

But I chose not to block him. Why?

  • He’s proudly unsafe, but certainly not aggressive (I try to only block the freaks.)
  • I thought it would be more courteous to finally reply and tell him that it wasn’t for me.

His reply: lemme no if u chg ur mind!

Gotta admit, he’s livin’ the dream!

Be safe!

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