Exploring Gay-Straight Sexual Confusion

Wank Fodder: More Than Just a Fantasy

This is another one for all you “straight guys” who sneak peeks at gay sites — including posts like this one — under the cover of darkness. Maybe you’re doing so not because you’re actually gay (n-no, not you!) but because you’re “curious.” Surfing à-la-hush-hush might keep this “curiosity” from family and friends, but if you listen closely you’ll hear your inner-shrink insisting it’s time for a little X-rated soul-searching.

Lemme ask you a couple of questions:

1. Are your “curiosity fantasies” during masturbation more satisfying than what you’re getting in real-time with your GF/wife/whatever-opposite-sex partner?

2. Are your “curiosity fantasies” during masturbation a checklist of all the basic goodies you find in porn (group, bukkake, anal, etc.), but the woman has been replaced by you?

3. During these “curiosity fantasies” during masturbation, what are you thinking about at the very moment of orgasm?

Let’s consider some possible explanations for the above. In order:

1. Perhaps you have shitty luck finding women who are good in the sack… or sex-with-the-ladies just doesn’t cut it for you.

2. It’s hardly uncommon for us gayboys to indulge in what the straighties sometimes refer to as “porno sex.” Puppy-piles and jizz-storms are what we do, not much “fantasy” about it. Maybe your instincts are telling you something.

3. You can commandeer your wank-fantasy to include as many women as you like, but if at the very moment of orgasm you’re suddenly imagining opening wide for a cumload from some guy you’ve never met before, well….

Some might suggest — let alone believe — that it’s a one-off bi-sexuality fantasy. It certainly might be. But if all you’re thinking about when you’re cumming is getting off with same-sex lovers, it might be time for a little soul-searching. Chances are you’re either gay or bi. (Not that bi’s only think about cock, obviously. But that may be the case if the bisexuality is still latent. Once that first cock is finally tasted, the cock-pussy-cock-pussy trade-off can be unleashed. Until then, those poor bisexuals can live in a stormy world of confusion.)

Look, I’m not your sex doctor. But I assure you it’s an interesting and effective place to start if you’re confused about your sexuality. You fantasize, you wank, you cum. What are you thinking about when you cum?

That’s what you’re into, and that’s what you should go after. So go for it! The sex will be better, and so will your night’s sleep!

But: always be safe.

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