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Celebrate Pride in Your Community

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Summertime is Pridetime!

Of course the Pride movement is all about celebrating sexual diversity throughout our society—not to mention so much diversity within our own LGBTQ community!

Personally, I like to “celebrate” by chasing down whatever I consider to be “diverse” and finding a way to have sex with it. I like to think it makes me grow as an individual, but really it’s just an excuse to be a wee bit of a ho.

Here’s my Pride bucket list:

– Have sex with someone new (no biggie, happens all the time—doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on the list)

– Have sex with someone from each visiting country

– Build a Sex Rainbow! (that’s basically me saying I wanna have sex with guys of all different colours and races)

– Party with lesbians (and by “party” I hope to entice them to experiment with bisexuality. I’d do it! C’mon, it’ll be fun!)

– Obviously there’s gotta be a gangbang in there (but I won’t throw my own: who knows if the place’ll get trashed…)

– (Secretly) Getting off in a public place. (Guys have “public” sex all the time, but usually in places that are “sanctioned” for it—bathhouses, washrooms, “gay” parks, etc.—as opposed to, let’s say, sex on the subway during rush-hour. I wanna get away with secretly getting-off on the subway during rush-hour… kind of thing…

– Seduce a straight guy. (Getting far is likely impossible—unless he’s actually just in the closet—but get a straighty drunk enough and he might let you blow him. I don’t mind a little of that once in a while.)

And hear, hear:

To all those homophobes who criticize the gay community for taking advantage of Pride as an excuse to openly display its sexuality and engage in binge-sex, I say this: we are proud of our sexuality, and why should we apologize for having an awesome sex-life?

I do take advantage of Pride to allow my fuck-drive to go ballistic for a week or so.

And I love the parades!

Be Safe!

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