How to Battle First Date Anxieties

No matter how many times we’ve done it before, going on a first date can still wobble the nerves. But they’re stage-fright nerves – the good kind. It means it’s important to us that the date goes well. It means we’ll do anything to ensure we don’t come across as a big loser.

Here are my own five handy-dandy tips for first-date prep. Keep in mind these issues generally don’t apply to mere sex-hookups, which have less on the line than a proper “date”.

1. Sex?
If you’re on a proper date (and not just a hookup) and hope something more will come of it than a quick shag, then why not postpone the shag until the next date? I would rather miss out on the sex the first time around than fail at it because of nerves. If you’ve successfully completed round one, you’ll go into round two with more confidence—the sex will be easier, and you’ll make a better first sexual impression.

2. The Sweats
I’m not a sweaty guy. But whenever I’m going on a first date with someone I expect to really like, I have a tendency to get all soupy from head to toe. Don’t shower until just before you walk out the door. And feel free to apply deodorant to areas where you normally wouldn’t (if you’re following hint #1 anyway, then who cares where the roll-on has started to crust!).

3. WhatdoIwear, WhatdoIwear?!?!?!
Try not to wear anything new if you can avoid it. Wear something you’ve worn successfully before so you don’t spend the night wondering what kind of impression your new threads are making. We get so caught up on clothes, don’t we?

4. The Pasties
Date nervousness causes dry-mouth. Not carrying gum is a mistake you’ll come to regret. If you’re in a restaurant, stay on the waiter to keep filling those water glasses. Even if you’re following hint #1, a kiss at the end of the night is still possible. Don’t let it taste like barn mud.

5. Easy on the Party
If having a drink calms you down, have one. But getting wasted on a first date not only makes you look dumb, chances are you’ll lose control of the shit coming outta your mouth. Know your limit—before you start to sound like that Mel Gibson phone call.

Maybe you share some of these issues, maybe not. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments box. I, like many others who aren’t lucky enough to be too-cool-for-school, am all ears.

And sweaty palms.

Be safe!

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