5 Indoor Date Ideas

I hate winter. Detest, despise, abhor. I can’t even bring myself to appreciate the silent beauty of a Charlie Brown Christmas snowfall—I’d rather have it melted by oppressive humidity. I know, I know, it’s officially spring now, but it sure doesn’t feel it where I’m livin’!

And there’s nothing sexy about the cold because we’re all wearing too many layers. I dunno about the rest of you, but all season long I missed seeing guys in short-shorts. And goodness knows the effect the cold has on a willy.

And dating’s tough because, well, where can you go, what can you do? The following suggestions are for those who can’t bear the thought of a “winter date”, those who think skating is fun for about ninety seconds, those who find the childlike pleasure of making a snow angel not worth the bucket of freezing cold snow that ends up inside your shirt and underwear.

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My take on keeping the date warm is twofold: find some place that’s not only indoors, but where you can discretely make out.

These are my faves:

– Laser tag. All that running around is more than enough to keep the temperature up. And the near-complete darkness is, dare I say, sexpit-lite. Plenty of dark corners where you and your man can cop a feel or more! I love public sex shenanigans.

– Bowling. Again, indoors and physical. True, it’s bright, so snogging would be frowned upon, what with all those families around—but you can touch every time you pass each other on the lane. Not to mention it’s a great way to check out each other’s ass.

– Ski getaway… without the skis! If you can afford it, a chalet in the woods with a log fire burning day and night is quite a nice splurge. Leave the skis at home. It’s cold outside. And you’re there to shag.

– All day at the movies. I like this one: you check out the schedule for a multiplex cinema (has to be a big one, otherwise there won’t be enough start-time choices) and plan an entire day movie-hopping. Whenever a movie’s done, walk into whatever’s starting next. Sit in the back row, obviously.

– Don’t leave home! Seriously! Why would you if you didn’t have to? My top choice for a cold-weather date will always be: home, roast dinner, bit of a party, movies, sex, in whatever order. And you don’t have to get home after the date. You’re already there, good to go for the cuddlin’.

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Be safe!

What are your favorite indoor dates?

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