Barney Frank’s New Book

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Barney Frank is one of the first congressmen to come out as gay, having come out in 1987, after already having served congress for seven years and having been re-elected. The way he came out was legendary – simply telling a reporter, “Yeah, so what?” when asked if he was gay. He retired from his long-standing seat for the state of Massachusetts in 2013 but has remained an outspoken advocate for many of the issues that have been close to his heart throughout his entire political career, including gay rights. His sexuality had little effect on his popularity, proving that gay politicians can be really successful. Barney Frank says that it was easier for him because he is a democrat, and that it is much harder to be an out and proud republican politician.

Now Barney has written an autobiography of his prolific career including his thoughts on closeted gay congressmen. He thinks they should not be outed – unless they vote against gay rights, that is! Barney talks frankly about his past relationships including one scandal in which it was revealed that his ex-boyfriend was an escort, all the way to talking about his recent gay marriage to his partner in Boston in 2012. Many have critically acclaimed the book, and it is a pretty juicy read.

“Barney Frank is one of the great gay politicians of our time,” reports James, a gay guy who works at “Barney has a new book out, and I know I will be picking it up soon. Barney is one of the guys who give other gay dudes inspiration to get out there, be successful, come out of the closet… and to join dating sites like Men Nation!”

Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage by Barney Frank


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