Gay Men in Bed

Rise of the Highsexual?

With marijuana becoming legalized and decriminalized across the United States, and homosexual sex carrying much less of a stigma as in days

Sexy Guy on Laptop

Webcams and Gay Cruising Online

Banged by Blackmail We’re obviously getting too comfortable in our little e-shells. And we get so horned up while cruising online —

Man Lying with Shirt Undone

Edging and Hoarding Your Cum

The Edge-Hoarder Combo-Pack How many times in these pages have I gone on (and on…) about the pleasures and benefits of edging?

Man Undoing Belt

Cock Sucking Tips for Gay Men

Grab a pen and ink these words into your forearm for quick and easy reference: SPIT   GAG   DROOL   EDGE   CONFORM    SLOP    WASH

Gay Couple on Beach

Unique First Date Ideas

Going to dinner is always nice, and drinks are fun, but doing something unique on a first date is a sure way