Why Nerds Make Better Gay Lovers

Who Says Nerds Don’t Give Good Fuck?!

You can always spot a nerd. Until they grow up, that is. Nerds blossom, come into their own, become unrecognizable as nerds, and then kick the world’s ass.

To be a nerd, you don’t need tape on your glasses or flood pants. So all you coolios out there — before you start shouting, “I ain’t no nerd!”, let’s grab our memory trowels and start digging through your past.

Were you ever:

  • a D&D hero?
  • a chess champion?
  • a li-berry club leader?
  • a math whiz?

Let’s say you were, and were once considered a nerd. Guess what? Once a nerd, always a nerd. And that’s great news! Cuz nerds rock.

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When it comes to great sex, nerds seem to have three advantages over the rest:

Unlimited imaginations. Who knows, maybe it’s all that time spent reading science fiction. Maybe it’s all that time spent alone while growing up. Most probably it was all the porn they watched because they couldn’t ever get a date. Whatever it is, these once solitary sex-machines have fostered their fantasy-lives more satisfyingly than any captain of the football team.

Making up for lost time. Like I said, these guys often don’t get the opportunity to start cutting loose until they’re out of their teens and have shed their nerdy skins. No more argyle, no more floods. They exit the cocoon and start nose-diving for sex wherever they can get it. And a man in desperate need of sex can be quite deelish, indeed.

Confidence. All that math and science eventually pays off. Nerds get great careers, with great pay, and settle in to a life of comfort and success. Once they start amassing sexual experience, well, oiy-oiy-oiy, their confidence in the bedroom can be nothing short of 3D.

And that’s the story of nerds. We tease them as children, we bully them as teenagers. Then we do what they tell us as adults. It’s a tough head start, but in the end, nerds always win.

How do I know all this? Cuz yours truly is a secret nerd. And proud of it!

Be safe!

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