Sexual Identity: Bisexual and Gay?

Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, she-male, he-male, e-male. All labels, sometimes handy, all too often incendiary. I refuse to support labels until there are enough of them to cover the needs of all. Instead I believe we each have our own sexual blueprint, designed by ourselves.

So take it easy on the bi-guys, will ya!

I’ve listened to way too many gay friends complain about the non-reality of bi-guys, that there’s no such thing, that “bi’s” are either in the closet or straight guys who read online that gays suck awesome cock. I’m sure that’s partly true. As is the likelihood that these bi-bashers have had their hearts broken by the very both-way-boys they deride.

But I can think of plenty of other scenarios in which a bisexual may find himself. Any number of sexual/relationship possibilities for a gay man can be quadrupled for a bi. It’s complex; but there they are, endless individual choices, for each bisexual, free for the cherry-picking. Isn’t the math obvious?

The extent of a man’s bisexuality may extend only to submissive sex with another man; or he may prefer a relationship with a man but still be sexually attracted to women; or he may just suck cock in front of his girlfriend once in a while because she asks him to; or he just may be in the closet; or he just may be a straight guy who read online that gays do it best. Whatever! The onus is not on these guys to have to choose only one lifestyle (yours!).

If you get into a relationship with a guy who’s honest about his bisexuality up-front, then shut yer trap when he flirts with the waitress. It doesn’t mean he’s stopped loving you. Or maybe it does. And if so, too bad: bisexuals are allowed to break hearts, too.

Be safe!

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