Unique First Date Ideas

Going to dinner is always nice, and drinks are fun, but doing something unique on a first date is a sure way to get your potential match’s attention, and keep them coming back for more. “Make it memorable,” says Mason Jennings, a membership liaison at DiscreetGayDating.com. “It will show your date that you’re creative and fun! When things work out, you’ll love looking back at how you met, not to mention sharing your story with others.”

First Date Ideas

Work out at the Gym Together
“Getting your heart rate going with your date is a great way to see if there’s any sexual chemistry,” explains Ryan, a personal trainer and popular guy on OutPersonals.com. “Plus, you can check out their body when they get all hot and sweaty!” Go for a run in the park on a sunny afternoon, or hit the gym and spot each other before getting a smoothie to finish things off.

Take a Trip down Memory Lane
Remember long, hot summers when you’d play mini golf, go to the batting cage, or cool off in the lake? Play the nostalgia game with your date and do some of those fun activities. With these summer diversions, there are lots of opportunities for flirting. You can “help” your date with their golf swing or batting practice to ramp up the sexual tension. And if you’re swimming, it’s a great time to check out your date’s hot bod!

Try Interactive Restaurants or Theatres
For something different and little kooky you could try a novelty restaurant that offers murder mystery, dinner packages or “blind dining” where you can’t see your date or what you’re eating – for the truly adventurous! These types of places takes the first date pressure off because you will both be interacting with your environment and others, as well as each other.

What was your most memorable first date?

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