Two Tops?! Two Bottoms?! You Sure That Works?

Can a gay relationship work when both guys are predisposed to the same sexual position? Good question, Batman.

The short answer is yes, no, and it depends.

Fortunately, in our gay world, open relationships and group sex are popular and accepted practices. If that’s the way you and your partner roll, then chances are your sex-life — and relationship — won’t be compromised by the fact that you both prefer taking it in the bum, or giving it in the bum, or whatever your shared position is.

But let’s say your relationship is strictly monogamous:

1. Two bottoms?
Here’s something interesting about bottoms: they’re very territorial, and not so crazy about sharing with other bottoms in the room. In fact, other bottoms often aren’t allowed in the room. But it can work. First of all, bottoms love sucking cock, so that covers half your bases right there. Second, that’s why god invented dildos. Bottoms can stuff each other or themselves with all sorts of nifty accessories. It’s a handy collaboration, and keeps the fires stoked while the LTR sails smoothly.

2. Two tops?
Monogamous? Taller order. Sure, everyone likes to suck on a cock, but the fucking gets a bit trickier. Tops can make it very clear in their profiles that they don’t switch. That’s hardly a great springboard for an LTR with another top. But it’s not uncommon to find tops who’ll include something to the effect of “will switch for the right person”. Hopeful words, indeed.

It’s tough because it’s easy to get swept up in all those wonderful compatibilities that have nothing to do with sex. We tell ourselves we’ll “make the sex work”, that “we’ll find a way”. Be sure. And be careful. O.S.I (Offset Sexual Incompatibility — don’t start running to The Google cuz I made the term up myself…) can creep up like a motherfucker.

But here’s the great news: there are MORE than enough versatiles to go around and fill the gaps! Just another way the universe has balanced the equation.

And in the end, everyone gets good and sucked and fucked and cuddled goodnight.

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Be safe!

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