Turning a Hookup into So Much More

Does your favorite hookup give you tingly feelings in places besides your dick? Do you find yourself pining after them, wanting to hear about their day and spend more time with them? Perhaps it’s time to take things from the bedroom into more aspects of your life. How does that happen? It can be rocky, but following these tips should give you a smooth course from hookup to relationship.

Be Honest. If it’s making you feel weird to keep things casual with your lover, you’ve got to be honest. How do you bring it up? Maybe make a nice dinner at home and chat over some wine. Bringing it up in the post-coital haze could also be a great option for seeing how your lover feels about you. 

Listen. “It’s really important to listen to what your lover tells you,” explains Vince Graham, a content editor for DiscreetGayDating.com. “They may be saying they’re ready for a relationship or not, and it’s important to hear what they’re saying, so you don’t miss what they are down for.”

Be Open-minded. Maybe jumping into a relationship right away is not going to work. Try to think of solutions that could make for an easy transition. Maybe you need to go out on a few dates instead of just spending evenings at home. Maybe you need to meet each other’s friends and family in order to feel comfortable calling each other boyfriend.

Love. As long as you are coming from a place of love and appreciation for your lover, you can handle anything! Sharing your feelings can be really scary, but it’s totally worth it and you will feel better once you’ve had “the talk.”

Put yourself out there and take a chance on a man who is worth the effort!

Building a Successful Gay Relationship

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