Take a Second Look at Your Online Dating Profile

Gay online dating may be the greatest thing invented since KY, but if your profile is terrible, you’re missing out on its full potential. Do yourself a favor, look at your online persona and ask yourself if it is accurate, and if it’s putting out what you’re hoping to portray. Here’s some good guidelines to improving your profile, and by extension, your attractiveness to potential partners.

Post a face pic. Sure there are ass men, size queens and all sorts of particular body attributes that trigger people’s individual perv switches, but in the end we’re all face men. Showing off your chiseled abs (if you have them) is great, but gay dating sites are awash in ab shots… same thing goes for dick pics. There’s nothing wrong with posting these shots, but it’s your face that really matters.

Use recent photos. You might have looked especially hot in that Speedo photo from a Key West vacation taken sometime during the Clinton administration, but it’s going to take some fancy footwork to satisfactorily explain your appearance today vs. twenty years ago.

Complete all the information fields. It’s simply good form, leaving out important information like your age, weight, height or something else that people fixate upon will lead people to assume the worst and skip you over.

Stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an intellectual, a smart ass, or even a pessimist, try to fashion your answers in a way that allows your distinctive “voice” to come through on your profile. It will capture the attention of those who are on your wavelength and hopefully make them interested to hear more of what you’ve got to say.

List your interests and obsessions. Even on hookup sites like Discreet Gay Dating, having your interests outside of sex and carousing makes you a more three-dimensional and interesting person, regardless of whether you’re just looking for sex or something longer term.

Avoid discriminatory language. This includes writing things like no over thirty, no overweight, no Asians/blacks/whites, etc. We all have our preferences, but there’s no need to be a dick about it. If you’re receiving messages from someone you don’t find attractive, you can simply don’t respond. There’s no need to ruin the online dating experiences of others by forcing them to read ageist, racist, or body-shaming remarks. The same thing goes for describing your STD status as “clean,” as that implies those who might be HIV-positive are “dirty.”

Avoid dating site clichés like “drama free” and “straight acting.” While the words sound like they’re saying something, they’re meaningless, and secondly, with them appearing with monotonous regularity on profile after profile, you being a drama free, straight acting dude doesn’t separate you from the pack.

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