Role Playing Fantasies with Your Gay Lover

Role-play is popular, I get it. Sometimes I even like it. But I’m more fascinated by the reaction it can elicit. Especially The Daddy and his Boi Scenario (or the straight-world equivalent, Daddy’s Little Girl).

It’s not hard to imagine why someone might not be into that scene. I’ve heard guys tell me they think “it’s incestuous,” “it’s gross,” and I even get the odd “eew!” Although not to my taste (we all have our things, right?), I can’t agree with these reactions. Unlike the straight-world equivalent of Daddy’s Little Girl (which, I’m sorry, but, as hypocritical as it sounds, actually does sound incestuous to me; then again, I’m gay, so what do I know), the Daddy/Boi thingie strikes me as being more about dominance and submission — albeit in a more psychological way. High-fantasy stuff, amping-up the taboo.

Here’s something I find interesting, maybe you will, too. Because the Daddy/Boi scenario is not my thing, whenever I come across a profile wherein a guy (an older guy) actually labels himself as a “Daddy” I tend to skip over him. But here’s the interesting part: an older guy who simply includes the Daddy/Boi scenario on his list of “likes” might still get my attention. Says something about how we name our profiles, doesn’t it?

So you may want to consider the following:

  • if “Daddy”-ing or “Boi”-ing is what you like to do most, then by all means label your profile appropriately
  • if you’re only calling yourself “Daddy” because you’re over 50 and feel you should, think again: the connotations of the word “Daddy” might scare away potential hotties
  • if you’re calling yourself “Boi” because you love that kind of role play, please be in your early 20’s… or call yourself something more appropriate… or check to see whether or not you’re actually a “Daddy”…
  • call yourself something more original and catchy, and save the “Daddy” business for your list of likes within your profile

BUT — if it is your thing, then yes, put it up front and wear it proudly for all potential hookups to see! That way we can find you easily, or pass you over as we see fit. (Personally speaking, I save all my deep and darkest desires and tastes for Hookup Time — not Profile Time. I’m an onion that prefers to be peeled, not chopped.)

You go, Daddy!

Be safe!

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