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Online Dating vs. Offline Dating

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When it comes to finding That Special Relationship (whatever that may be for you), I don’t believe for one second that dating “in person” is more advantageous than online dating. Nor do I think the opposite. They both have their pros and cons.

So if you’re new to the scene (maybe you’re young; maybe you’re getting out of a long-term relationship; maybe you just finally got the courage to finally check some to-do’s off your list), and your head is spinning trying to decide the most effective way to get some luvin, here are some notables to expect:

Online Pros

  • Cockpics alone can ensure a hookup
  • You can carefully edit your conversation
  • “Disconnect” whenever you want
  • It’s easier to lie
  • Greater chance of an impromptu hookup because there’s less upon which to decide

Online Cons

  • It’s easier to be tied to
  • You may have to resort to a mercy fuck
  • Less opportunity to sell “the real you”
  • Incompetent spelling and grammar can undermine your credibility
  • This pic of your small cock can send him away before he has a chance to be charmed by your stunning personality

Offline Pros

  • Better opportunity to sell “the real you”
  • He won’t know how terrible your spelling is
  • See more of “the whole package” before deciding on a hookup
  • You can win him over without resorting to superficial consideration like cock-size
  • Scrutinize for yourself what you’re looking for in a potential hookup, as opposed to what you’re told

Offline Cons

  • You can’t just “disconnect”
  • If you speak like a redneck you’re toast
  • You’re surrounded by distractions and possible competition
  • You can’t whip out your big cock in a restaurant to impress him
  • “The real you” might not be as appealing as what you can convince him of online

If you’re strictly looking for sex, both can be advantageous in the following ways:

OFFLINE: Get wasted, see how much sexier he looks all of a sudden, and worry about your questionable taste during the walk of shame the next morning.

ONLINE: Read the profile, adore the cockpic, show up, close your eyes and think of England.

Be safe!

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