Three’s a Dating Crowd

Groupies in the Wings

I don’t care how shallow it makes me: I love twinks. Who wouldn’t? Tight bods, cute faces, endless stamina—what’s not to like? Well, turns out there sometimes is something not to like. Along with the age difference there can be an issue of immaturity, perhaps to be expected from those young’uns whose lives are just now rolling out before them, and for whom the party is only just beginning.

I don’t mind partying now and then, and goodness knows a night with a twink is welcome. I can even overlook an evening of conversation in which I have no interest, all for the sake of an awesome shag. What I can’t tolerate are twink-groupies. It’s a date: keep your friends at home.

Not all twinks are the same, I understand; but the only times I’ve ever had this problem was with guys who fall into this category. Unbeknownst to be me, he will have invited friends to join us (I thought this was meant to be a date!); or he’ll see someone he knows, sometimes even a fuck-buddy, and invite them to join us (I thought this was meant to be a date!); or he’s texting up a storm with other buddies wondering what he’s up to (I thought this was meant to be a date!). Our date soon becomes a party. I no longer have his full attention (if I ever did). Maybe he’s now thinking we can upgrade the evening to a group-shag, which can be attractive—if that’s what I was interested in at the time.

I may be a horndog, but I like to think I choose hookups carefully, even if it is only for a shag. And carpet-bombing my plans with unvetted, screaming, young party-goers isn’t necessarily as appealing as it sounds. Chances are I haven’t dropped a hit of MDMA, so will likely be put-off. It soon becomes clear that my twink-date will have a great time even if I decide to go home early, without him. And once that inevitability is reached, I’m outta there. It’s tough on the ego to lose a twink to his buddies, but hardly as sad as watching it happen before your eyes.

So, please, do us non-twinks a favor: if you’re kind enough to step out of the twink-zone and hook-up with one of us past-the-age-of-25ers, the least you can do is give us your full attention.  Who knows, if the night’s going well, we may even ask you to call up some of your buddies and ask them to join us for round two.

Be safe!

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