Cruising Dating Sites as a Sport

You can cruise the clubs, you can cruise the mall – hell, you can even cruise a cruise. But can you cruise dating sites? Many sexy men do it as a hobby and some consider it a sport… should you?

Cruising, as we know, is all about the search for hot sex and a no strings attached hookup. Sure, some people say they cruise looking for something long term, but we all know the real purpose here is to find a hot stud to take back to your place… or the nearest back room!

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You can go out into a public social setting and cruise for a sexual partner, but the world is also so full of random people. How do you know if the man-stud you connect with across the room is into your waxed torso or your penchant for geeks and jocks that you try to keep secret.

Truth is, if you want to leave your search for random sexual satisfaction to chance, go ahead and cruise that club, the mall, and even a random cruise. But if you want to cut through some of the guesswork when looking for men tonight, you might try cruising a dating site.

Dating sites cut down a little of the “random” factor by vetting all sorts of hot and horny men looking to fuck by interest. One of my favorite places to find new guys to connect with is Over there, the guys seem really open about what they want to do and what they want from you. I especially like this as it takes the guesswork out of dating, the guesswork out of hooking up, and the guesswork out of looking for someone to spend some time with. Not surprisingly, taking the guesswork out of cruising in this way opens up a lot of free time. All these opportunities to get more done!

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