Are You Lying in Your Gay Dating Profile?

Here are the guys who usually tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in their profiles:

Attractive, toned, 30-and-unders who are HIV neg and have big cocks.

Otherwise, dating sites run rampant with lies — from itty bitty white ones to big fat reprehensible ones. Keep a sharp eye out for these…

Age. The most obvious of them all. Heaven forbid you lose the chance to hook up with a twink, right? And who wants a potential hookup to question whether or not you can still get it up? So you drop five, maybe more, years off your age. You keep your pic dark, or you post an old one. Trust me: you’ll only fool that hookup once. If he doesn’t turn you away immediately, chances are you’ll subsequently be blocked.

Pics. Speaking of dark ones: it’s easy to hide anything with creative photography. Physical appearance, weight, skin color, cock — anything you might not (for whatever reason) be wanting to share honestly. Shitty profile pics can help you. They’ll also help you become unpopular if you’re misrepresenting yourself. Besides, your pic alone shouldn’t be all you have to offer. If it is, well, yikes!

Cock size. You might think yours is a whopper, but let the rest of us be the judge. Throw some scale in the pic (Coke cans and beer bottles alongside a stiff cock are popular.) And for the record, “large” or “above average” doesn’t kick in until you’re past the 7-inch mark. Just sayin’.

Status. Get checked for STDs on a regular basis. Although you don’t have to label that you have an STD, you MUST be honest about it if it comes into play. There’s more than just HIV out there — and we’d like to avoid all of it at all costs.

Position. Why do you say you’re versatile — or a top, even! — yet when you hook up, you only ever want to get fucked? I never understand this. I sometimes wonder if it’s because some guys don’t want to admit that all they wanna do is get fucked in the ass. “Does that make me gay?”  D’uh!

Body type. “Toned” means you actually have muscle definition. “Average” means you probably don’t work out, so you’re likely a wee bit soggy but certainly not grotesque. “Large” means you’re large and you love eating Doritos. And your pic better back it up. All sorts appeal to all sorts, so you won’t be left lonely if you’re not a gym-bunny. Just, please, no surprises.

Here’s what I find most interesting of all: The one thing that guys are adamantly truthful about? Whether or not they PNP (party ’n’ play). There’s just no telling what’s important to some.

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Be Safe!

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