Are Guys Sexier at Different Times of the Day?

I think about guys morning, noon, and night. Really, there isn’t a time of day that I’m not thinking about my next date’s hard cock… but I do often wonder if most men think about sex with other guys more or less at different times throughout the day.

I did a little survey with my pals on and the informal results are as follows:

Morning Men. These tend to be the jocks, muscle men and fitness freaks. If you get off on hard-bodied hunks, you better set your alarm clock early because most of these macho men are out of bed long before 9am in search of something (or someone) exciting to do!

The Noon Crew. Party people surprisingly are looking for sex in the afternoon even more than at night. I always figured the club crowd was there to fuck all night long, but as it turns out most men who are out late do their fucking the next day after a long slumber. Waking up with the man you met the night before and fucking from noon until you go out again will get you a lot more cock than seeming desperate every evening.

Night Crowd. Most of the guys who said they prefer fucking at night are what I would call “working stiffs” (pardon the pun.) Lots of guys who get off work at 5 and have to be back at work by 9 are on the prowl for sex the moment they leave the office. That’s why you’ll have a lot better luck loitering around an after-work pub than you will at an all-night rave if sex is what you’re really after.

So, which time of day has you feeling sexy? Let us know!

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