Advantages of Gay Online Dating

Online Retreat

I dunno what it is: I just can’t get back into dating off-line. Seems like I’m on a never-ending run.

Have I become so completely non-committal? I’m certainly not hiding in a cave, being completely anti-social. I’m hooking up with plenty of guys… but only via the interwebs.

The way I see it, here’s what I’m guaranteed when I go online:

Non-committal sex

There’s a sub-consideration to this: not only does the “non-committal” refer to not having to entertain the possibility of a new BF, it also means I can just walk out the door after I… er… I mean, after he and I cum.

An “anonymous” experience (or as close to one as I can get without having to be unsafe).

Specificity (an “advanced search”, if you will) about the kind of fucking I’m in the mood for at that time. (I’d hate to commit to a preference…)

Zero pressure to make a new friend (I have high expectations of friends, and if I applied the same scrutiny to finding an online-quickie, my palms would forever be calloused…)

Another sub-consideration: zero pressure for me to become someone’s friend, or, put another way, we’re only there for the cock.

I don’t have to be “me” (I’m not insinuating it gives me the opportunity to be someone else, but rather I can be “no one”.)

Hey, it’s a smorgasbord out there! When I online-buffet (I think I just invented a new verb! I online-buffet, You online-buffet, He online-buffets, She online-buffets…), I get a little taste of everyone.

Many or most of these hookups won’t add up to much; but there will be good ones that’ll keep me coming back for more. And should I choose to want something a little more committed (who knows—I’m fickle!), at least I’ll know where to dig for the gold.

Whenever that may be.

See/find/fuck you online!

Be Safe!

Browse the online buffet of men at Gay!

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