5 Great Conversation Starters

If you’re like me, you can talk to just about anyone… unless you find that person attractive, and then all bets are off. I go from ultra smooth to ultra tongue-tied in about six seconds. That’s why I started working up a list of go-to topics I can always get into easily if my tongue won’t cooperate.

1.  Ask about college. I love talking to college guys. They often have no problem telling you their plans for the future. Ambition and dedication are hot. This is always a great conversation starter.

2. Ask about politics. This is the best way to get a rise out of someone. Ask about the upcoming election. You’ll know right off if you are compatible based on their response, and you may wind up in an energetic debate.

3. Ask about their job. Whenever I’m talking with guys on DiscreetGayDating.com, I always ask about their work. Not only can you come up with some kinky workplace sex fantasies, you also may get a little bit of networking in.

4. Ask about their favorite hobby. People like to do some interesting things with their free time and spare money. You might find a stamp collector… or you might find a person with a collection of metal sex toys.

5. Ask about their wildest sex fantasy. Okay, so this one may be pushing it, but how are you ever going to know? Ask about your date’s kinky sex fantasy. Do they enjoy anonymous sex with strangers? BDSM sex with blindfolds? Are they a submissive? You might scare them away… or you might turn them on. It’s worth the risk for the thrill.

Notice every one of these suggestions starts with the word Ask. That’s because asking questions invites the other person into the conversation and makes it a mutual game rather than one where you always need to stay in the lead. Give it a try and I promise your results will be better than you expect!

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