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Gay Marriage Turns Out To Be Great for Tourism

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Over the past few years, gay marriage has been sweeping the nation by storm. Even some of the most conservative states have decided to allow homosexual unions of different sorts, or at least overturn old bans on gay and lesbian marriages. Whenever a state allows gay marriage, it is a huge boon to the local economy. Wedding industries flare up, but that’s not all. When people are married they have families and put down roots, and all of that stimulates economies. One study found that if all 50 states allowed gay marriages, an additional $2.5 billion could be added to local economies!

When anyone has a wedding, think of all of the expenditures that are involved that go back into the economy. First of all, local venues, caterers and DJs get a cut of the cost. Hotels and Inns see a lot of revenue too because many times guests come in from out of town. Sometimes people come to town more than one time. There are bachelor parties, bridal showers, planning weekends, engagement shoots, dress and suit fittings, and rehearsal dinners.

Gay Marriage: Coming to a State Near You!

“The states with the most to gain seem to be Texas and Florida, with Georgia and Ohio not too far behind,” explains James, a dating specialist for Discreet Gay Dating. “The state of Texas would see an increase in $15 million for tax revenues, and $180 million would be injected into the local economy. I always encourage gay guys to get together and get married whenever possible to show states that it’s really worth it!”

In the first three years of legalization of gay marriage in California, some 50,000 gay couples spent nearly $400 million dollars, yielding $31 million for the state. The math is clear! Legalizing gay marriage is great for everyone and anyone.

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