Webcams and Gay Cruising Online

Banged by Blackmail

We’re obviously getting too comfortable in our little e-shells. And we get so horned up while cruising online — believing ourselves to be safely alone in the comfort of our homes while doing so — that we forget cyberspace is the perfect host for unknown parasites.

Here’s the latest scare: Using a fake name and profile, someone will target you on a hookup site for webcam chat. They eventually hope to horn-talk you into doing something really raunchy for them on camera. Next thing you know, you’re being blackmailed for oodles of cash — pay up or the clip will go viral for all your friends and family and colleagues to enjoy. And good luck finding the culprit because everything you thought you knew about him was a ruse.

This is really happening. And there’s hardly an easy solution if we have any intention of continuing to use the internet to do our deeds (and let’s be honest, no one’s about to start going backwards in time.)

Every time you “meet” someone online you’re taking a risk. But we’re gonna do it anyway, so, if you’re new, here’s what I can offer:

“What about a kiss, boy?” Sure these sites are a fun way to get into some raunchy e-chat, but get to know someone a little bit, at least, before you start wankin-it-up-on-web. How much is enough? That’s up to you and your own acceptable level of risk, but try not to just dive in after “wassup”.

Lock it up. There are options to further decrease your risk. If discretion is critical for you then lock your face pic. Do the same with your slutpics until you know who’s on the other end of the line. The longer you play the scene, the more you get to know the regulars.

Don’t go live. The only way to avoid this sort of problem for sure is to pass on the webcam completely. Personally, I would never do it. Not only is it risky, I happen to think we all somehow look more ridiculous than sexy (the poor lighting doesn’t help.) Unless it’s your boyfriend or a regular hookup, save the home-movie-making for summer camp.

Zip it up. Still sound like too much of a risk? Then don’t write e-smut. Because the truth of it is, technically, even your words alone can come back to haunt you. Wait until you meet someone face-to-face before your mouth starts getting filthy.

Log off. Otherwise don’t online date. It’s the safest way of avoiding anxiety. It lessens your hookup chances, but you might sleep better at night.

Then all you’ll have to worry about are the predators you meet in person…

C’est la vie: a crapshoot.

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Be safe!

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