Using the term “Boi” in the Gay Dating Community


Who knows if I’ve complained about this before, but whatevs, some guys obviously need to hear it again. So listen up, bois, because I’m talking about you.

The term “boi” — ubiquitous in the gay hookup community — doesn’t bother me, in itself. I mostly associate it with twinks. Sure it’s a little creepy in a way, and goodness knows I don’t personally use the term because I also find it a little silly (don’t even get me started on the spelling.) It’s not like it makes me barf, though.

Here’s what does make me barf: guys who are well past boi-hood who continue to label themselves as such! Argh! What are you guys thinking?

  • You’re disguising your age?
  • Guys won’t notice that your profile pic was taken two decades ago?
  • “Boi” means anyone of the male gender?
  • What, what?!

Snap out of it, the delusion ends here.

If you are experiencing any of the following…

  • age over 22
  • grey hair
  • bifocals
  • saggy balls
  • and, probably, a job

…then you are NOT allowed to call yourself a boi.

Guy, man, dude, whatever. Not “boi.” Please don’t make me come after you.

Maybe you were once a boi (ah, weren’t we all!) and simply need to update your profile handle. That can happen (go update it now!). But I see way too many “boi”s online over and over and over and over again — surely they’re not aging at a slower rate than the rest of us.

Really, I mean, it’s not like I’m setting out to be rude here. Think of it like this: wouldn’t you want someone to tell you when you have spinach in your teeth, or a booger? I’d hope so. I certainly would.

Because you reallyreallyreally need to understand that, if you’re over-the-age-of-twink and insist on still calling yourself boi, well, we’re laughing at you.

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Be safe!

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