Tips for Meeting Gay Men on Vacation

Once a year, I go on a big vacation. I love taking time off to indulge my fantasies, see new sights and meet hot local guys. I generally go to to meet new guys before travelling, so I have dates lined up ahead of time. That takes all the pressure off and lets me enjoy my vacation with someone rather than spending it trying to find a hottie for a hookup.

The Beach. It may sound vague, but the beach – any beach – is the best place to meet hot males for anonymous dates. People are naturally wearing fewer clothes, and the sun and the heat is good for everyone’s libido. I really love how people are always more fun loving and open as soon as the ocean is in sight. And there are many places that offer nude beaches for gay men.

Las Vegas. Everyone loves Sin City because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what they don’t tell you is that anything can happen there. Vegas is the best place to meet hot guys looking to hookup and have wild sex adventures.

Traveling Abroad. There is something about being in a foreign country that really turns me on. I find my fantasies begin to soar as soon as I flash my passport at the airport. I suggest learning a few key flirting phrases, so that when you’re out looking for hot men your intentions will be crystal clear.

Staycations. Sometimes the best vacation you can take is right at home. I spend so much time on gay dating sites because there are so many men who are friendly and DTF! I also love to meet others who are visiting my city. A great pre-hookup date involves giving a “new friend” a tour of your favorite hotspots.

Is Vacation Sex a Good Idea?

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