Racial Profiling in Online Dating

Dare I open this door? I do. There’s a racial issue that’s driving me bananas!

I understand we all have our tastes. When it comes to physical and/or sexual attractions, some things turn our crank, others turn us off. Man or woman, blond or brunette, pleasure or pain. Personally, I don’t like to be peed on, but I have friends who think golden showers are the best. Suits me.

And, alas, there are sometimes preferences of race. I’m not totally convinced that that in itself is racist (although I’m not unconvinced, either), but I can’t deny cringing when I see it in guys’ profiles: the shocking statement of what they don’t like, racially. No Blacks. No Asians. No Whatever. I can’t be the only one who finds this offensive.

Most of our dating profiles very much include the distinction between cut and uncut, gym and non-gym – should race preference be any different? We have the option to state our race. Most of us fill it in. I think most of us haven’t a problem with a guy of another race thinking we’re hot because we’re of a different race. And why not? Different races, fucking – isn’t that a great contribution to ending the problem? Too many people never cross that line. Very sad.

But if you don’t want to date a particular race, wouldn’t it be better to post what you do want instead? I know it doesn’t ensure the closed-door policy you prefer, but you can still filter choices from their pics, right? and wouldn’t that be less… rude? I dunno, but, if I were a guy who couldn’t stand to be with whatever/pick a race, I wouldn’t wanna be blasting it on the internet for all the galaxy to see.

The worst, the worst, are the exclamation marks. No Blacks is bad enough, but No Blacks! makes me choke. And I assure you, the addition of the word “please” (No Asians, please!) does nothing to make you sound less racist. You may be keeping away more guys than you realize, and it’ll have nothing to do with their skin color.

Be safe!

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