Overcoming Dating Insecurities

Are You in My League?

Believe it or not, looks aren’t everything. Although that’s generally the first—and sometimes only—criteria on which we’re judged, and judge others. I’m VERY proud to say I’m not like that, and I don’t care what you look like: if you’re dumb as a stump, I’ll be moving on.

When people say “he’s outta your league”, what they really mean is “you’re not good enough for him”, or “he’s too good for you”. Really? What makes him “too” good, I wonder? He better be perfect, cuz unless he’s obviously got it all (looks, brains, body, charm, humour, money, etc.), that statement “he’s outta your league” is mighty offensive.

Nor is it necessarily realistic. Remember the old cliché about how pretty girls never get asked to the dance because everyone is too afraid to approach them? Let’s start there. I like to think the world is full of good-looking guys who don’t judge based on appearances. Who says you can’t approach them? They might just be waiting for someone to knock on their door.

And what about guys who are hunky and superficial? The ones who are “outta your league”, but you’d still long to get your hands on them anyway, for whatever reason? It’s no secret that confidence is as much an aphrodisiac as a pretty smile. If there’s something in your life about which you’re confident, tap into it. Bask in it. Let it make you feel so good that you couldn’t care less if Mr. Hunkyficial notices you. Because that’s how the “leagues” game is played.

I’m in a league. It’s a league of guys who aren’t superficial. Who are interested in what’s beyond a guy’s looks. Who value intelligence and maturity and insight and sense of humour and compassion just as much as physical appearance. Maybe more so. And all guys are welcome to hit us up online.

If you feel less-than-adequate around “higher league” guys, well, all I can suggest you do is snap out of it. We all have something to offer, and anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t worth dating.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love good looks! A hottie’s a hottie, afterall!

Be safe!

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