Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sex?

My editors assigned me this topic. I can’t very well answer the question “Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sex?” with a simple “D’huh!” , so let’s try to earn our keep, shall we?

I’ll send in the troops immediately: What’s the worst that could happen if you live your life like a little fuck-monkey—

  • you dehydrate? (keep water by the bed)
  • you’re late for work? (big whoop)
  • you chafe? (aloe works wonders)
  • you have a heart attack? (what a way to go)

If none of the above deters you from having sex every tea-break, then consider the following. Again, I’m no doctor, but the ol’ in’n’out certainly encourages:

  • healthy exercise
  • blood flow
  • a higher libido
  • better sleep
  • stress relief
  • good fun!

Imagine how long this list would be if I actually knew even the slightest thing about science! Is it possible to have too much of any of these? Doesn’t seem like it.

I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. Most of the gay guys I know have very active sex lives. We’re always online, hooking up, picking up, shagging up—and y’know what’s interesting? The term nymphomaniac never comes up. None of us consider ourselves to have “a condition.” We just love sex and welcome it with open arms whenever possible. We enjoy what some might consider enviable sex lives. The Up-tighties of the world can call us promiscuous all they like—they only wish they could get off as much as we do!

Which makes me think of even more reasons!

  • It helps improve your mood!
  • More practice means you keep getting better at it!

If you’re worried that you’re having too much sex because of some moral reason, well, I can’t help you, other than to suggest you visit your nearest confessional. Maybe you’ll be told that sex is meant for procreation, or something, in which case you should probably have bookmarked a site other than this one.

My advice? Bookmark this site and become a healthy, happy, little fuck-monkey like the rest of us.

Be safe!

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