Gay Polyamory Dating

More Guys, Please

Monogamy isn’t for everyone. It certainly wasn’t for me.

I’ve been in relationships with some awesome guys, some of whom I’m still close to today. But when I think about the monogamy-of-it-all—oiy, talk about frustration and disappointment.

So I date/hookup online (mostly) and never promise any long-term relationships.

What nagged me (sometimes haunted me) was this: was it impossible for me to love someone, too? Is that what my personal opposition to monogamy was all about?

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I refuse to believe it. And what I definitely don’t believe is that we’re destined to love only one partner. How can it even be possible that either A) there’s only one true-love “out there” for us?, and B) we’d have to prohibit ourselves from loving anyone else? When I consider the guys I’ve loved, and the guys with whom I’ve been in love, it seems like a mighty tall order to me. And I’m proud to say that the gay community is a darn loving community. How can I not always be finding someone to love (and here, specifically, by “love” I do not mean “fuck”)? Why limit love?

So I can love. But I can’t put the breaks on love. Many—many!—gay in love couples have open relationships. Boom, problem solved. Many is not all. Some couples choose the monogamous route. So why don’t I just choose option number one? Easy: because I’ve yet to meet a guy I’m in love with who wouldn’t mind me getting my ya-ya’s out elsewhere.

It’s easy to be “in a relationship” with a-guy-I-wouldn’t-take-home-to-mother and still have other partners on the side. But why bother? If I’m going to share space, I want it to be with someone I love. And if I end up sharing space with someone I love, I want him to be cool with me/us having other partners. If it isn’t a perfect scenario, why lock yourself in?

I figure, the more guys, the greater the odds of finding something to hang on to.

And in the meantime there’s a party in my pants and everyone’s invited!

Be safe!

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