Gay Cruising – Why You Should Take it Online!

The number one reason you need to take your gay cruising hobby online is simple, it’s where all the hot guys have gone! If this was 20, 30, or 40 years ago and you were fortunate enough to live in a populated are of the country, the advice on how to meet someone would be simple. Go to your local gay bar and hang out there until you meet someone. Those days are long gone.

Bigger cities offered other alternatives, from particular beaches and parks, to local gyms; and while many still do today, cruising in person presents it’s own set of dangers from potentially getting mugged or bashed to running into trouble with law enforcement. If you’ve been around for a few years, you’ve surely noticed that most of the gay bars have closed and the ones that remain are pretty empty, serving their last barfly customers. Gay bars have changed from the best place to meet other sexy gay men to mostly a venue to meet gay alcoholics.

In the 21st century nearly the entire gay cruising community is in action online at gay dating sites, and for good reason. The internet has revolutionized meeting gay men by bringing thousands of horny local hunks within reach of a mouse click from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. Today’s gay dating sites have evolved from the early nineties rudimentary options of trying to meet men on BBS bulletin boards and AOL chartrooms to technological wonders specifically designed to service the needs and standards of the whole LGBT community.

Some offer cam-to-cam private connections, GPS location services and videos in addition to the standard photos. There seems to be no limit to the features that are being brought to bear for us in our quest to start new love connections, casual hookups and relationships with the gay guys who catch our eye. Men Tonight has gone to great lengths to sort through the myriad of choices for gay men “looking to mingle” online and offered our educated and unbiased opinions on each. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Tonight, there’s a site that will perfectly suit your needs and can get you exactly what you’re looking for with a minimum of inconvenience, and we don’t even have a tip jar. You’re welcome.

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