Gay Felching 101

Did You Say Felching?!

It’s amazing how many people have never even heard the word felch. No wonder, considering how little of it (in comparison to other things slutty) you’ll find on the interweb. Let this be the start of my hopefully-not-so-long journey to proliferate felching until it gains the status it deserves.

Basically, to felch means to suck cum out of another guy’s ass.

So you can imagine why it may not be the most popular destination out there, but considering the much more shocking material there is to be found, it hardly seems so bad. To me, it’s about one of the sluttiest things to do. Think about it—cum, fresh from a cock, but fed to you from an asshole. It hardly gets more intimate than that. Although subsequently snowballing it certainly takes it up a notch.

Practically speaking, it’s not the kind of thing that can be easily accomplished unless you’re in a condom-free environment. Unless you’re practicing it within a monogamous relationship, obviously felching falls into the unsafe category.

Which leaves us with porn-felching. Suits me. Except it’s hardly out there! Don’t get me wrong, it’s out there, but barely. And it’s usually pretty lame. If you can find much of it at all, it’s disappointingly more along the lines of rimming cum off a guy’s ass. Kinda felching, but not quite. Proper felching would have an assfull of cum hosed straight onto another guy’s tongue or down his throat. Not these piddly drippings they offer us. Again: rimming cum off a guy’s ass is not felching. If it were that simple, I suppose we’d see more of it.

But, as always, guess where you will find it, in all its drenching glory? Straight porn, that’s where. Those ladies suck huge loads out off each other’s holes. It’s a common internet find, and great goodness they do it so well. Once again, gay porn-makers can learn a few tricks from those sluts down the hall.

Truth is, when I’m looking for felch vids, I tend to end up back on the straight sites. Sure, I miss the extra cocks (and vaginas seem like wasted space to me), but, really, a good felch happens in close-up anyway.

Be safe!

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