Different Pictures to Use for Online Dating Profiles

Profile pics (like cocks) vary big-time. So do their first impressions. It’s all about how you use them. Different kinds of profile pics can send very different messages, knowingly or not.

We seem to get caught up on whether or not a profile pic captures our gorgeousness; but another effective way to get profile attention is to post a pic that captures character, and spirit.

Here are three basic choices of profile pics, and the effects each one can have on your potential hookup:

The Studio
This one kills me. Anyone who would go to such lengths as to have a studio pic done—let alone use it as their profile pic—must spend an awful lot of time in front of the mirror. I always fully endorse high-quality pics, but only so we can see them properly—not because I wanna see a guy at his unnaturally photoshopped best. Studio shots are vain, unrealistic, and misrepresentative. And quite frankly, I find them a little weird. I expect to subsequently see them in a joke calendar.

The Selfie
So easy, so popular. Yet hardly my favorite. Nor do I consider it the most effective. We’ve reached such a point of selfie-ness that I can no longer see one without being completely aware of the lengths to which the subject went in order to get the “perfect” pic of themselves. And I can’t help but be conscious of their arm extending far enough to make it not look like a selfie.

But what bothers me most about selfies is this: A) they carry all the vanity of a studio shot but without the quality that comes with it, and B) they have the quality of a snapshot but without the character-catching authenticity. Basically, I see vain people with poor camera skills.

The Snapshot
This one I love, and always prefer. A snapshot leaves little or no room for glamour, but can sure tell a story. These are pics of you in places you’ve been, or doing interesting things, or even silly situations – captured by others. They catch your eye, and communicate more about your joie de vivre. They’re honest and fun. And at the end of the day, if you’re gorgeous, that’ll come across all on its own, without you having to “pose.”

The Selfie Snapshot
Here is the one kind of selfie I don’t mind. You’re in an interesting situation, maybe meeting someone famous, whatever, and there’s no one around to take the pic. So you do it yourself (Ellen Degeneres’s Oscar selfie is the ultimate example). These kinds of selfies are so effective because they capture a quick moment, without prep, without glamour, but filled with event. How can they not catch someone’s attention?

Cast all obsessions with glamour aside. Beauty pics are a dime a dozen in profiles.

Get someone’s attention. Be interesting instead.

Be safe!

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